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Driven by mobile, theCHIVE is the biggest publisher on the DISQUS network in terms of pageviews, which includes top 500 sites across the web.”


With great content showcasing galleries, theCHIVE is a one-stop shop for viral photos and videos that are fresh, hot funny, beautiful and just plain awesome.

Our Audience

What makes
us unique

over 1,000 photos curated and posted daily

What makes us unique


28 MM+ global
monthly unique visitors

4 MM+ global
daily unique visitors

Source: Google Analytics

250,000+ iOS and Android app reviews

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60% of our traffic is mobile.

Source: Google Analytics

Demographic age 25-34

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60% of our traffic is mobile

We have an audience that participates. With 40% of theCHIVE's app audience returning daily.

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100+ Comments
per post on average

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1000+ Votes
per post on average

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We have an audience that participates

Gunga galunga... gunga gunga lagunga.”

- Carl Spackler

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